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Establishing Third Party Liability in an Oilfield Accident

Who Can You Hold Liable?

Accidents in the oil and gas industry can have devastating consequences that leave victims with catastrophic or even fatal injuries. In some cases, these may be the fault of someone the oil or gas company does not employ. When the employer or workers are not responsible for the accident, it is considered a third-party claim. Knowing who to hold accountable can be difficult, so it’s essential to understand the different third parties involved.

Equipment Manufacturers

One of the most common third parties involved in oilfield accidents is the equipment manufacturer. They may be held liable if the accident was caused by a malfunctioning or defective piece of equipment. To hold the manufacturer liable, a claimant must show that they were aware of the defect and did not adequately warn the user or fix the issue.

Rig Maintenance Companies

Companies responsible for maintaining and repairing the equipment used on oil rigs could also be found at fault if an injury occurs. Lack of preventative maintenance before colder weather, not properly assessing equipment for damages before use, and unsafe practices may be contributing factors that place liability on the maintenance company.

Transportation Companies

Another common third party in oilfield accidents is the company responsible for transporting the equipment or materials to the worksite. If an overloaded or improperly secured load caused the accident, the transportation company may be held liable.


There are many different contractors involved in the oil and gas industry. These include drilling contractors, pipeline contractors, and fracking contractors. If the accident was caused by the negligence of a contractor, they may be held liable.

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