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Dealing with the death of someone we love is always difficult. When someone is killed by the wrongful act of another, the grief is devastating. Families and friends must face the future knowing that the victim’s touch, support, and wisdom are forever gone. Although mourners will find comfort from the memories of the person who has died, the loss can be overwhelming.

In addition to the grief, families can also face serious financial issues when someone dies. Who pays the medical bills? Who pays for the funeral? How can the family survive financially? How will the family continue without that person’s contributions to the household?

Understanding Your Rights to Compensation After a Wrongful Death

The laws that allow compensation for damages resulting from a wrongful death vary from state to state and differ depending on the circumstances of the death. Unfortunately, insurance companies may be quick to offer a settlement to a victim’s family because of the risk involved in a wrongful death case. For families, it may seem easier to settle because they need the money quickly and because they don’t want to deal with an attorney when so many other things are going on.

Why Choose Maring Williams Law Office for Your Wrongful Death Claim

At Maring Williams Law Office, we believe that the easy way is not always the best way. Although trying to place a dollar amount on somebody’s life is nearly impossible because we would rather have that person back in our lives again, the law allows for specific compensation for specific damages.

For example, you may be able to claim:

  • A loss of earnings for a wage earner, which would entitle you to the equivalent of the income lost over the lifetime of the wage earner.
  • Replacement services, which would entitle you to the cost of hiring household services, like cleaning, laundry, and childcare.
  • Loss of consortium, which would entitle you to compensation for the loss of companionship.
  • Emotional distress and mental anguish.
  • Medical and funeral expenses.

Personalized Tributes to Honor the Memory of Your Loved One

We have helped many families following the wrongful death of a family member. We will listen and learn as you tell us about your loved one.

We often do a “home movie” that represents the many facets of the person’s life and death. We put together the home movie by hearing your story, looking at photo albums, videos, and any other memorabilia you have that helps us to understand the enormity of your loss. We accompany the home movie with the family’s favorite music. This tool provides a powerful and dramatic presentation to the insurance company about your loss.

We can’t make this time easier for you, but we can help you through the process and make sure that your rights are appropriately and respectfully represented.

Call (701) 402-6644 to learn more about our legal services that are combined with genuine moral support.

Successful Verdicts & Settlements

Victories On Behalf of Our Clients & Community
  • Car Accident $5.3 Million

    Our client suffered severe injuries in a head-on automobile crash when her vehicle was intentionally struck by a vehicle operated by her ex-boyfriend.

  • Rear-Ended Car Accident $2.35 Million

    Our client was rear-ended while stopped on the highway and sustained significant injuries to his back, ribs and lung.

  • Oilfield Accident $1.8 Million Settlement

    Our client experienced a catastrophic ankle injury resulting in multiple surgeries while working on a work over rig in the Bakken Oilfields. He suffers from permanent damage to his right ankle and this recovery will help defer the cost of future treatment and decrease in future earning potential.


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    - Donna L.
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