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Serving the Injured Across North Dakota, Minnesota & Montana


  • $1.35 Million
    Wrongful Death & Car Accident

    We represented a husband whose wife and two of his minor children were killed when another driver failed to yield the right of way.

  • $19 Million
    Oilfield Accident & Traumatic Brain Injury
    Our client suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI), severe burns, and permanent disfigurement when he was involved in a gas explosion in the Bakken oil fields of western North Dakota.
  • $6 Million
    Oilfield Accident & Burn Injury

    Our client was severely burned and suffered permanent and disabling injuries in an explosion and fire at a well site in the Bakken oil fields of western North Dakota. The explosion and fire were caused by uncontained hydrocarbon fumes.

  • $1.4 Million
    Trucking Accident & Wrongful Death

    Our client’s vehicle erupted in flames when he collided with a semi-truck that was illegally parked and blocking all lanes of a busy state highway at night. Our client died of burns and smoke inhalation and left behind parents, several siblings, a fiancé and a child.

  • Confidential
    Premises Liability
    We represented five young women who were separately videotaped while undressing in a changing room at a major retailer. We were able to secure significant settlements for our clients.
  • $2.5 Million
    Car Accident & Oilfield Accident
    Our client was seriously injured when an improperly-secured 100-gallon tank fell off a truck into our client’s lane of travel on a busy highway in the western North Dakota oilfields. The tank struck our client’s vehicle, causing him to lose control, and resulted in his pickup truck rolling several times. He suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI), an injury to his neck and low back, PTSD, and several other injuries.