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semi truck will an oil trailer driving by a field of oil derricks

The Dangers of Truck Accidents in the Oil and Gas Industry

Potential Hazards Associated with Trucking Mishaps in the Oil Industry

Crashes involving large trucks are already dangerous, but when the cargo is oil and gas, the consequences can be severe. Not only can the impact of a crash affect other vehicles or those working in the oilfield but there is a possibility of more widespread issues affecting an entire community. To better understand its severity, here are some of the top potential hazards from truck accidents in this industry.

Oil Spills

One of the most dangerous aspects of oil and gas truck accidents is the potential for an oil spill. This can cause many different problems, especially for those in the vicinity:

  • Oil spills are tough to clean up and can take months or even years to remove fully.
  • It can be harmful to both people and animals that come into contact with it.
  • An oil spill can lead to fires which can cause even more damage.


Another hazard associated with these types of accidents is the potential for explosions. This is often due to the material's flammability and can cause severe injuries or death. In addition, it can also damage nearby buildings or property and put other people at risk.

Environmental Issues

In addition to the previous two hazards, oil and gas truck accidents can also cause environmental issues. This is because the materials involved are often toxic and can contaminate the air, water, and soil. This can lead to extensive health problems for both people and animals and long-term environmental damage.

Seeking Help After a Truck Accident

Because of their severity, working with an experienced truck accident attorney is one of the most effective ways to ensure that you can seek justice following a truck accident. Our Fargo and Bismarck personal injury team has spent over 30 years helping injured victims recover compensation. Schedule a free consultation today by calling (701) 402-6644 to learn how we can help you.