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The Regulations in the Trucking Industry

On the road, there are rules that all drivers must follow regarding speed, traffic signals, and more. However, rules and regulations are extended for commercial truck drivers because of the large vehicles they drive and the potential for danger whenever negligence arises.

As a driver, you should recognize what regulations exist in the trucking industry to help better identify the possibility of negligence in causing a crash.

Weight Restrictions

One of the most dangerous things about large commercial trucks is their sheer size. Weight limits exist based on the number of axles the truck has, but the largest trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. When you combine this with maximum speed limits ranging from 65 to 75 miles per hour, it can be a recipe for potential disaster. This is especially true whenever a truck driver is negligent.

In North Dakota, there also exists a 10% harvest permit, that is valid between July 15 and November 30. During this time, vehicles are permitted 10% more weight whenever they’re hauling harvested product. This means even heavier trucks on the road, and potentially more harm.

Hours of Service

Whenever a driver arrives to work, whether in the warehouse or to drive, there are limits regarding how long they can work before taking time off of their shift. Depending on whether they’re carrying passengers or product, the number of hours allowable for work are:

  • 14 hours of total work when carrying property and 11 hours maximum of driving after 10 hours off duty
  • 15 hours of total work when carrying passengers and 10 hours maximum of driving after 8 hours off duty

The Hours of Service regulations exist to prevent driver fatigue. It’s vital for drivers to follow these laws to avoid potentially dangerous crashes.

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