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Six trucks lined up at a truck stop

The #1 Cause of Truck Stop Crashes

Truck stops are a staple of the American highway system, especially throughout the Midwest. But what most car drivers don’t realize is that these places are a hotbed for one particular kind of accident. What is the #1 cause of truck stop crashes? Let’s find out.

A Surprising Issue

One of the most frequent causes of truck stop accidents is inexperienced truck drivers backing up. Major truck stops will have dozens of trucks lined up in rows. When one truck leaves, another moves into their narrow space. However, a surprising number of crashes occur because of inexperienced truck drivers who are unprepared to reverse a tractor-trailer in narrow spaces.

This issue is surprisingly common and well documented by trucker dash cams. Typically, a crash involves a rear-ending into another truck or striking a static object (like a pole). In rare cases, a smaller vehicle or a pedestrian may be struck, causing significant or even catastrophic damage.

Why This Happens

The problem is common, and the reason is clear. Doing a 3-point turn with a 70ft long trailer is extremely difficult, even for an experienced truck driver. Doing it with the limitations of a truck’s no-zone and no rearview mirror is even harder.

Perhaps most important, however, is that the training requirements to earn a trucking license have significantly relaxed over the past few years. Now, truck drivers need just 30 hours of behind-the-wheel training and no required classroom “theory” hours before testing for their license. This means there are more and more inexperienced truck drivers on the road who may not be familiar with the best way to back into a narrow space, especially when combined with the pressure of a bustling truck stop.

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