Oil Field Accidents

North Dakota Oil Field Accident & Injury Attorneys

In North Dakota and Montana, energy extraction is a booming industry. Individuals are coming to North Dakota and Montana to work in the energy sector, primarily in the Bakken Oil Field. Unfortunately, oil field accidents are abundant and often result in serious personal injuries. Potential hazards include exposure to hazardous chemicals or toxic substances, being involved in an automobile collision, or bodily injury from involvement with industrial equipment.

Oil Field Injury Compensation Recovery

Although you may have been working at the time of the accident and may be receiving workers’ compensation benefits, this may not be your only source of recovery. If you are injured by 1) a company/contractor who is not covered by Workforce Safety & Insurance or 2) an individual who is not a co-employee or employer, you may be entitled to additional sources of recovery. If your injury occurred while you were working, at the very least you should file a claim with Workforce Safety & Insurance. You should also contact MWLO to discuss your injuries and to determine whether there are additional sources of recovery for which you are entitled.

Types of Oil Field Accidents in North Dakota

Generally speaking, the types of oil field accidents that may be compensable include:

» Negligence of a third party. A third party is an individual or entity who is not a co-employee or your employer.
» Equipment that is not properly maintained or used.
» Injuries caused by a lack of safety procedures.
» Exposure to toxic chemicals due to lack of training, improper storage, improper equipment, or malfunction of equipment.
» Fire from improper storage of flammable liquids.
» Equipment/products that are defective.

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