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There are several ways to resolve a dispute between a claimant (you) and an insurance company or another party.

A settlement agreement can be reached by negotiation between you and the other party. (We don’t recommend you do this unless you are well versed in all areas of the rights and obligations of all those involved). A settlement agreement can also be reached between your attorney and the other party. Most cases settle this way and involve intense negotiation between parties. At MWLO, YOU have the final say! We do not settle cases without your approval. We will inform and educate you as to the value of your case. You will make the decision whether to accept or reject an offer, after careful advice from MWLO.

Resolution Options

When a settlement can’t be reached, the next option may be alternative dispute resolution. This includes mediation or arbitration. A mediator meets with both parties and tries to serve as a neutral go-between. A mediator tries to get each side to see the other side’s perspective and come to a fair agreement. In arbitration, one or several attorneys are selected as arbitrators. An arbitrator hears the facts of the case, reviews the relevant materials, and makes a decision as to the liability (whose at fault) and damages (money a plaintiff may be awarded). Mediation or arbitration is substantially more cost effective than going to court. MWLO attorneys are experienced in all areas of personal injury law and serve as mediators or arbitrators in disputed cases.

A trial is generally a last resort when no reasonable settlement can be reached by any other method. Trials are expensive and the court calendar is crowded. At MWLO, we believe we are obligated to make a good faith effort to settle the case before bringing a court action. On the other hand, if a reasonable settlement can’t be reached, a trial may be the only remedy available to resolve a claim. If trial is necessary, we’ll see the case through to the end. We’re here to work for you.

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