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In North Dakota and Minnesota, agriculture is one of our largest industries. At MWLO, we have an appreciation for the incredible sacrifices and hard work it takes to make a farm successful. Several of us grew up on farms and have a first-hand understanding of farm life.

Unfortunately, farming has become one of the most dangerous industries in our country. Potential hazards include having body parts entangled in powerful equipment, exposure to hazardous chemicals or toxic substances, being attacked by large animals, suffering an electrical exposure, or suffocating in a grain bin. Too often, medical facilities are hours away, so medical care is delayed. The farming industry has the highest death rate of any industry in the United States. According to industry publications, approximately 1,600 deaths and 1,600,000 injuries occur yearly due to farm work accidents.

Numerous and complex regulations and laws govern farming. To complicate matters, if someone is working with a farmer, there may or may not be an employer/employee relationship. Every farming accident is unique and there may or may not be coverage to compensate you for your injury. Consult MWLO to learn whether you are entitled to a recovery based on the facts of your accident and injury.

Generally speaking, the types of farm accidents that may be compensable include:

» Equipment that is not properly maintained or used.
» Injuries caused by a lack of safety guards. Safety guards are often removed for either maintenance or because they are inconvenient. If a guard has been removed, and the operator is unaware of the risk, there may be negligence on the part of the owner.
» Exposure to toxic chemicals due to lack of training, improper storage, improper equipment, or malfunction of equipment.
» Fire from improper storage of flammable liquids.
» Equipment/products that are defective.

Construction Accidents

People who are injured on construction projects are most likely covered by Workforce Safety & Insurance. Working with the Workforce Safety & Insurance and the ever-changing laws involved that govern this agency, is extremely complex. Most often Workforce Safety & Insurance is the ONLY remedy available for a work related injury.

Exceptions include:

1) a company/contractor who is NOT covered by Workforce Safety & Insurance and
2) when the negligence of an involved third party is responsible for the injury.

If you are involved in an accident at work, please contact us to discuss your injury. At the very least you should file a claim with Workforce Safety & Insurance, but you should also contact MWLO to make sure that the accident was work related and that there are no third parties responsible for your injuries.

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